Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Public Bus fell from 40 feet Skyway, Driver and a Passenger Killed

A public bus had an accident earlier today when it fell from the 40 feet Skyway or elevated highway. This happened while the city is experiencing Typhoon Juaning. The Dimple Star Transport bus was traveling southbound of the Skyway in Bicutan-Sucat. The bus was said to hit the railings of the skyway and after few meters fell in front of the Schinkin Company.

Officials say that the bus was carrying 7 people, including the driver and conductor. The driver and a passenger died after being in critical condition and the conductor and other passengers suffered injuries. The conductor said that the driver was driving normally when a strong wind swayed the bus causing the driver to lose control. 

The skyway CCTV cameras captured the whole thing and currently investigating the incident. Luckily the bus did not hurt anyone when it fell from the skyway. The MMDA was quick to respond and cleared the bus wreckage.

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