Monday, April 5, 2010

Open Intersection: Who Goes First?

How can we know who goes first in an intersection? Who has the right to go first? When we approach an intersection and see a car coming we ask ourselves "Would I go first or let them pass?" Considering that there is no stoplights and any other traffic signals, you would never know who

should go first. An intersection is like a ball game. Anything can happen. So you should always be on you guard.

There is only one goal in crossing an intersection, that is to cross the street safely. So we should take every precaution every time we approach an intersection. Where you are a pedestrian, car, motorcycle, bicycle or any vehicle, you should be always aware of the surrounding. Here are some simple tips when crossing an intersection without traffic signals.

1) Always slow down. Put your foot on the break and slowly cross the intersection.
2) Watch every direction for approaching vehicles and Estimate how fast they are approaching.
3) If for your estimate they are too close then by all means slow down. Do not accelerate! This is the common mistake of people. They slow down then accelerate so fast at the end. This causes other cars to panic and caught off guard.
4) Always accelerate slowly out of an intersection.
5) If you see a car already at the middle of the intersection. Please just stop. Do not work your way around the car. That's just being selfish. Clearly he was passed the intersection first so you have to stop to let him pass. I always see this happen.
6) If a car for whatever reason shows any signs that it won't let you pass,like honking its horn or  flashing headlights, not caring for who's right and who's wrong, just stop. Miscommunication is dangerous on an intersection. So if a car shows a signal then just slow down and stop.

With these tips in mind, you will be safer. Too nice? Maybe. But at least you did your part.
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